The Medical Counselor, Volume 12

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Page 30 - In men, irritation of lumbar or sacral nerves. Pain in the heels, in females, may be the only evidence of ovarian abscess, while pain and swelling in the mammae will evince some trouble in the same side of uterus, or falopian tube.
Page 403 - In the discussion of the next great question, I would submit that we may, with advantage, direct our attention less to the mere mechanical — the simple operative part of the business, the details of which are now well understood, than to the consideration of those higher questions as...
Page 270 - ... old physic" — albeit these contributions have too often been appropriated without thanks, or even acknowledgement of their source. It is no honor to prominent teachers of another school that, while they have endeavored to belittle our art, pretending that we have contributed little to the general store of medical knowledge, they have made large and important drafts upon our improved therapeutics — presenting them as original discoveries. The distinguished physicians referred to are well,...
Page 92 - Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians; Physician to the Middlesex Hospital and to the Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest, at Brompton; late Assistant Physician and Lecturer on Materia Medica at the Charing Cross Hospital. Third edition, rewritten and enlarged, with illustrations, including two lithographic plates; being Vol. XI. of Wood's Library for 1886.
Page 273 - Homoeopathy adheres, as it has always done, to its object, as declared by its founders in the first article of its Constitution, namely: "the improvement of homoeopathic therapeutics, and all other departments of medical science," and that it is proud of its achievements up to this time.
Page 89 - DISEASES OF THE BLOOD AND NUTRITION, AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES; being Vol. IV. of "A Handbook of Practical Medicine,
Page 271 - ... and it is a marked evidence of weakness in the opposition that the best point they can make against us is the pitiful one that we bear a special name — when we have a reason for it that is so good. Let us then be a sect, if we must, and continue to advance the cause of medical science, as we have done; but let us not be factious, as have been some of our prejudiced opponents.
Page 112 - ... if there be inflammation on the posterior aspect of the petrous bone, it can hardly reach the cerebellum without forming a layer of pus under the dura mater of the lateral sinus. If this is so, the pus will escape by the mastoid foramen if the latter be...
Page 298 - With its little wild wailing, no stream from its source Flows seaward, how lonely soever its course, But what some land is gladdened. No star ever rose And set without influence somewhere. Who knows What earth needs from earth's lowest creature ? No life Can be pure in its purpose and strong in its strife, And all life not be purer and stronger thereby.
Page 273 - ... is absolutely devoid of foundation in fact. 4th. That the still later charge by some of the profession (the above having been demonstrated to be untenable), that Homoeopathists "trade upon a name," is not only a slurring attempt to check a winning cause, but is a positive calumny.

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