Eighteenth Century Vignettes: Third Series

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Dodd, Mead, 1896 - 364 pages
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Page 262 - The Women wretched, false the Men : And when, these certain Ills to shun, She would to Thy Embraces run ; Receive Her with extended Arms : Seem more delighted with her Charms : Wait on Her to the Park and Play : Put on good Humour ; make Her gay : Be to her Virtues very kind : Be to her Faults a little blind : Let all her Ways be unconfin'd : And clap your PADLOCK on her Mind.
Page 133 - Do you see this square old yellow Book, I toss I' the air, and catch again, and twirl about By the crumpled vellum covers, — pure crude fact Secreted from man's life when hearts beat hard, And brains, high-blooded, ticked two centuries since...
Page 338 - Radcliff ; was so ill, That other doctors gave me over : He felt my pulse, prescribed his pill, And I was likely to recover. " But when the wit began to wheeze, And wine had warmed the politician, Cured yesterday of my disease, I died last night of my physician.
Page 246 - Mat's word for it, the sculptor is paid, That the figure is fine, pray believe your own eye ; Yet credit but lightly what more may be said, For we flatter ourselves, and teach marble to lie.
Page 226 - To make verse speak the language of prose, without being prosaic ; to marshal the words of it in such an order, as they might naturally take in falling from the lips of an extemporary speaker, yet without meanness ; harmoniously, COWPER S LETTERS. elegantly, and without seeming to displace a syllable for the sake of the rhyme, is one of the most arduous tasks a poet can undertake.
Page 262 - Yes, every poet is a fool; By demonstration Ned can show it; Happy could Ned's inverted rule Prove every fool to be a poet.
Page 249 - Matthew's palace, in Duke-street, To try for once, if they can dine On bacon-ham, and mutton-chine. If wearied with the great affairs, Which Britain trusts to Harley's cares, Thou, humble statesman, mayst descend, Thy mind one moment to unbend, To see thy servant from his soul Crown with thy health the sprightly bowl...
Page 250 - Oxfords delighted to honour, and whom the Duchess of Portland, the ' noble, lovely, little Peggy' of one of his most charming minor pieces, described as making ' himself beloved by every living thing in the house — master, child, and servant, human creature, or animal.
Page 45 - you represent him as having killed one of these birds on entering the South Sea, and that the tutelary spirits of these regions take upon them to avenge the crime.
Page 341 - A little after, Dryden went out; and in going, spoke to me again, and desired me to come and see him the next day. I was highly delighted with the invitation ; went to see him accordingly ; and was well acquainted with him after, as long as he lived.

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