The Depths of the Universe

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C. Scribner's Sons, 1924 - 98 pages

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Page 12 - Bachelors and Masters of Arts who did not faithfully follow Aristotle, were liable to a fine of five shillings for every point of divergence, or for every fault committed against the Organon. Bruno wittily called Oxford the widow of sound learning —
Page 13 - Aristotle's writings from end to end many times, and I can assure you that I have nowhere found in them anything similar to what you mention. Go, my son, and tranquillize yourself: be assured that what you take for spots in the sun are the faults of your glasses, or of your eyes.
Page 7 - Eternal Nature's law. Above, below, around, The circling systems formed A wilderness of harmony — Each with undeviating aim In eloquent silence through the depths of space Pursued its wondrous way.
Page 84 - It gave no effects when the same magnetic poles or the contrary poles were on opposite sides (as respects the course of the polarized ray) — nor when the same poles were on the same side, either with the constant or intermitting current — BUT, when contrary magnetic poles were on the same side, there was an effect produced on the polarized ray, and thus magnetic force and light were proved to have relation to each other. This fact will most likely prove exceedingly fertile and of great value...
Page 10 - It is now," he says in conclusion, "not simply a case of one body (the moon) revolving around another body (the earth), while the two together make a revolution around the sun, as the Copernican doctrine teaches; but we have the case of four bodies or moons revolving round the planet Jupiter, as the moon does round the earth, while they all with Jupiter perform a grand revolution round the sun in a dozen years.
Page 13 - Aristotle's writings from beginning to end many times,' he said, ' and I can assure you I have nowhere found in them anything similar to what you mention ' [amazing circumstances !] ' Go, therefore, my son, tranquillise yourself ; be assured that what you take for spots on the sun are the faults of your glasses or your eyes.
Page 63 - Hull devised and built in 1901 a radiometer for this purpose [to test the pressure of light] which left no doubt as to its reality or magnitude. Subsequent theoretical investigations by Schwarzschild showed that for particles of dust a few millionths of an inch in diameter, and of the density of water, the repulsive force of the sun's radiation is about ten times as great as its gravitational attraction.
Page 13 - SunSpots] will be the signal for the funeral, or rather for the last judgment of the pseudo-philosophy — the funereal signals having already been shown in the moon, the Medicean stars, Saturn, and Venus. And I expect now to see the peripatetics put forth some grand effort to maintain the immutability of the heavens...
Page 34 - ... third, illustrate the value in research of the development of new instruments and methods. Prior to 1900, only 60 stellar parallaxes had been measured by the laborious methods, for the most part visual, applied up to that tune. The work of Dr. Schlesinger with the 40-inch Yerkes refractor initiated a school of parallax measurers, whose efficient use of photographic methods added new and more precise determinations at such a rapid rate that the total number of trigonometric parallaxes is now about...
Page 62 - Ophiuchi] at the center .... seem to me to be undoubtedly dark structures, or obscuring masses in space, which cut out the light from the nebulous or stellar region behind them." There is a list of starless fields given in Appendix I of Webb's Celestial Objects, taken from the Cape observations of Sir John Herschel. These, however, are quite different from the ones I have been dealing with and are in most cases perhaps only real vacancies among the stars. For some time I have...

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