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Rehabilitation of Injured Persons.

(88) To the Board for Vocational Education: For the purpose of carrying out the provisions of an Act entitled "An Act in relation to vocational rehabilitation of persons injured in industry or otherwise," approved June 28, 1921.

For salaries and wages...

.$ 24,000.00

For the following positions at not to exceed the rates herein specified, said rates being one-half of the full salary rates, the other half being paid by the Federal govern

[blocks in formation]



For office expenses...
For distribution (actual expenses of rehabilitation)......
The said appropriation to the Board of Vocational Edu-
cation is made subject to the condition that for each dollar
expended therefrom, a like amount shall have been appro-
priated by the Federal government and allotted to this State,
and expended concurrently with the expenditure of the said

(Total for Vocational Rehabilitation, $125,000.00.)


(89) To the Illinois State Historical Library:

For salaries and wages.....

For the following positions at not to exceed the annual rates

herein specified:

1 Assistant librarian

1 Reference librarian

1 Stenographer

.$ 2,100 per annum


$ 35,700.00

1,500 per annum

1,800 per annum

1 Cataloger

1,200 per annum

1 Library assistant

1,200 per annum

1 General editor (Urbana), part

time ....

1,750 per annum

1 Assistant Editor (Urbana).

1 Library clerk (Urbana)..

1 Stenographer (Urbana). 1 Janitor and messenger. For temporary assistants. For temporary employees bana)

For office expenses

2,100 per annum

1,500 per annum

1,500 per annum

1,200 per annum

1,000 per annum


1,000 per annum


For travel


For repairs and equipment...

For contingencies

For Historical Society..

(Total for the Illinois State Historical Library,


(91) To the Service Recognition Board:

For salaries and expenses necessary and incidental to the performance of the duties of the board as provided in "An Act to provide payment of compensation to certain persons who served with the military or naval forces of the United States in the recent war with Germany," approved May 3, 1921:

For salaries and wages.

For the following positions at not to exceed the annual rates herein specified:

1 Chief clerk

1 Assistant chief clerk.

1 Chief of verification board...

1 Chief audit clerk ..

1 Chief of personnel...

.$ 5,000 per annum




. $400,000.00

3,600 per annum

4,200 per annum

3,600 per annum

3,000 per annum

For clerks at rates ranging from


For travel

For repairs and equipment..



$100 to $200 per month. . $361,200 for the biennium

For office expense.

(Total for the Service Recognition Board, $442,000.)


(92) To the Boards of Education named, to cover the excess cost

of educating deaf, blind, and delinquent children:

District 131, Rochelle, Ogle County..

[blocks in formation]

Board of School Inspectors of the city of Peoria.. (Total for Boards of Education, $447,160.)



(93) To the Department of Public Works and Buildings:

For the payment of the State's proportionate share of spe

cial assessments againts the property of the State of Illinois as follows:

Armory on Jersey Street, Quincy..

Eighth Regiment Armory, Chicago..

$ 800.00


Armory on South First Street, Monmouth...
Armory on Hazel Street, Danville.....

(Total for local improvements, $4,010.39.)

1,250.00 305.79

§ 2. That the following named sums or so much thereof as may be unexpended at the close of business June 30, 1923, to the extent that the same may be necessary, are respectively hereby reappropriated out of appropriations heretofore made to the respective officers and departments as hereinafter mentioned as follows:

(1) To the Department of Public Works and Buildings: For the erection of a marble statue to the mothers of soldiers from Illinois who sacrificed their lives in the World War ....

...$ 25,000.00

For procuring and causing to be erected at Edwardsville,
Madison County, Illinois, a suitable memorial to the mem-
ory of Governor Edward Coles.....

For the erection of a monument to the memory of Nathaniel
Pope ....

For remodeling, furnishing and equipping quarters on the
third floor of the Capitol to be used as reception rooms
for members of the Senate and House of Representa-

For the purpose of acquiring the property fronting on Eighth Street, immediately adjoining the Lincoln Home, which property is more specifically described as follows: Lot Six (6 and the North thirty (30) feet of Lot Seven (7), in Block Ten (10) of E. Iles' Addition to the city of Springfield, situated in the county of Sangamon, State of Illinois, and for removing the building located. thereon and for beautifying and otherwise improving the property .....




3,000.00 For improvements and landscaping at Fort Massac Park 10,000.00 For extension of park road at Starved Rock Park..... For permanent improvements at the Southern Illinois Peni



For permanent improvements at the Lincoln State School
and Colony
For permanent improvements at the Dixon State Hospital
for Epileptics and Dixon State Colony for Feeble-mind-





... 374,289.94

For permanent improvements at the Central Group Hospitals


For permanent improvements at the Soldiers' Widows'
Home of Illinois.....


For permanent improvements at the Illinois Soldiers' Or

phans' Home ...


For permanent improvements at the Illinois Soldiers' Orphans' Home for two cottages for boys..



permanent improvements at the St. Charles School for



For completing, equipping and furnishing the Centennial Memorial Building and landscaping ground appurtenant thereto....

... 185,307.07


For the completion of the First Artillery Armory, located at
Chicago Avenue and Pearson Street, Chicago...
For the erection and completion and equipping of armory
for the use of the Illinois National Guard and Naval
Reserve at Peoria ....




For addition to training school building at the Eastern Illi-
nois State Normal School.....
For power plant at the Eastern Illinois State Normal School 127,117.87
For permanent improvements at the Illinois State Reforma-


For permanent improvements at the Illinois School for the


(2) To the Department of Public Welfare:



For permanent improvements at the Illinois State Farm.. 36,988.36 (3) To the Adjutant General:

For procuring site and erection of armory for the use of the

Illinois National Guard and Naval Reserve at Peoria.. 132,955.25 DIVISION OF STATE FAIR.

(4) To the Department of Agriculture:

For permanent improvements...

Administration building and automobile exhibit pavilion (to replace dome building and annex destroyed by fire in 1917.)

(Total re-appropriations, $3,019,361.76.)


§ 3. Amounts paid from appropriations for personal service of any officer or employe of the State, either temporary, or regular, shall be considered as full payment for all services rendered between the dates specified in the payroll or other voucher and no additional sum shall be paid to such officer or employe from any lump sum appropriation, appropriation for extra help or other purposes, or any accumulated balances in specific appropriations, which payments would constitute in fact an additional payment for work already performed and for which remuneration had already been made.

No part of the appropriations provided by this Act shall be used in payment of salary, wages, or compensation of any officer or employe of the State, either temporary or regular, who renders legal services in any capacity, either in or out of court, to the State of Illinois, or to any officer or department thereof.

Disbursements from appropriations herein made which are subject to the approval or certification of the Department of Finance are subject to the following restrictions:

Payments for personal service except for positions specified in all appropriation Acts shall be made in conformity with schedules and amendments thereto submitted by the respective officers and approved by the Department of Finance before becoming effective. Such schedules and amendments thereto may set up groups of employment showing

the approximate number to be employed, with fixed or minimum and maximum salary rates.

When an appropriation is made for personal service for specific positions at a fixed rate or at a rate not to exceed a certain amount, the incumbents of such positions at the time the appropriation law goes into effect, shall be paid at such rate in full and a smaller rate may be paid to persons entering upon the duties of such position after such appropriation law goes into effect.

$4. No disbursement from appropriations shall be made for rental of office or other space, buildings or land except in pursuance of a written lease entered into by the proper State authority and the owner or authorized agent of the property. Such lease shall in no event extend bevond Tune 30th of the second vear following the adjournment of the General Assembly making such appropriation except that the lease may contain a renewal clause subject to acceptance by the State after that date. A copy of such lease or leases shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of State within thirty days after execution. ་་ ་ ་ ཁ་

§ 5. When any appropriation is herein made to any Department, agency, or officer of the State for land. such land shall be acquired by the Department of Public Works and Buildings; and when any addropriation is herein made to any department, agency or officer of the State for permanent improvements, the general plans, preliminary sketches and estimates for such permanent improvements shall be made by the Department of Public Works and Buildings, and said department shall make contract for and shall supervise the making, erection and construction of such permanent improvements.

§6. Whenever any appropriation for contingencies is herein made to any of the departments created by "The Civil Administrative Code of Illinois," approved March 7, 1917, in force July 1, 1917, as amended, no contract shall be entered into or obligation incurred for the expenditure of such appropriation until after the purpose and amount of such expenditure have been approved in writing by the Governor. § 7. The appropriations herein made are subject to the provisions of "An Act in relation to State finance," approved June 10, 1919, as amended.

[blocks in formation]

AN ACT making appropriations for the State normal schools. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly:

SECTION 1. There is appropriated to the Department of Registration and Education for the support, operation, maintenance and

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