The Accomplish'd Woman, Volume 2

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Page 117 - ... tackle Swell with the touches of those flower-soft hands, That yarely frame the office. From the barge A strange invisible perfume hits the sense Of the adjacent wharfs. The city cast Her people out upon her, and Antony, Enthron'd i...
Page 174 - Seas and Lands. The Poorest of the Sex have still an Itch To know their Fortunes, equal to the Rich. The Dairy-Maid enquires, if she shall take The trusty Taylor, and the Cook forsake. Yet these, tho...
Page 18 - There are three forts of Nobility, divine, worldly, and moral : the divine depends upon the power of God, the worldly upon the greatnefs of our birth, the moral upon the liberty of our mind : if we confider well the importance of the firft, we fhall fet lefs value upon the fecond, and render ourfelves more capable of the third.
Page 246 - Campus Martius, or field of Mars, just beneath the Capitol, or great fort on the Saturnian Hill, and marched against the Sabines ; but while he was absent, Tarpeia, the daughter of the governor of the little fort he had left on the Saturnian Hill, promised to let the Sabines in on condition they would give her what they wore on their left arms...
Page 157 - Once poor, and therefore chafte, in former times, Our matrons were : no luxury found room In low-rooft houfes,' and bare walls of lome ; Their hands with labour harden'd while 'twas light...
Page 192 - She could the play-houfe and the players leave. Born of rich parentage, and nicely bred, She lodg'd on down, and in a damafk bed; Yet daring not the dangers of the deep, On a hard mattrefs is content to deep. Ere this, 'tis true, fhe did her fame expofe : But that, great ladies with great eafe can lofe.
Page 193 - His blear eyes ran in gutters to his chin: His beard was ftubbls, and his cheeks were thin.
Page 117 - With divers colour' d fans, whofe wind did feem 70 glow the delicate cheeks, which they did cool. — Her gentlewomen, like the Nereides, And Graces were apparel?

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