Eclectic Medical Gleaner, Volume 5

Front Cover
Lloyd Library., 1909
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Page 255 - SURGICAL SUGGESTIONS. Practical Brevities in Surgical Diagnosis and Treatment.
Page 256 - REFRACTION AND How TO REFRACT. Including Sections on Optics, Retinoscopy, the Fitting of Spectacles and Eye-Glasses, etc. By James Thorington, AM, MD, Adjunct Professor of Ophthalmology in the Philadelphia Polyclinic and College for Graduates in Medicine ; Assistant Surgeon at Wills...
Page 173 - Surgery in the Medical College of Ohio, Medical Department of the University of Cincinnati; Orthopedic Surgeon to the Cincinnati Hospital and to the Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati.
Page 255 - COSMETIC SURGERY. THE CORRECTION of Featural Imperfections. By Charles C. Miller, MD Including the Description of a Variety of Operations for Improving the Appearance of the Face.
Page 271 - He is not presumed to engage for extraordinary skill or for extraordinary diligence, nor can he be made responsible in damages for errors in judgment or mere mistake in matters of doubt or uncertainty.
Page 453 - Publication. There shall also be a Board of Censors, consisting of one member from each judicial district of the State represented in the membership of this society, and an additional member from the corporation and faculty of the Eclectic Medical College of the City of New York, and another from the Brooklyn Academy of...
Page 415 - ... interest the European reader by giving him a clear and trustworthy account of some of the insect pests which infest houses in the Southern States of America. Among the insects which are equally well known in Europe and America is the bed-bug, which Prof. Marlatt informs us was said by Kalm in 1748 to be plentiful in the English colonies and in Canada, though unknown among the Indians. We believe there is evidence of its having been abundant in Jamaica early in the last century. Prof. Marlatt...
Page 271 - He possesses that reasonable degree of learning, skill, and experience which is ordinarily possessed by others of his profession.
Page 420 - Miss., which had been abandoned some time before. The premises proved to be swarming with bedbugs; but very shortly afterwards the little red house ant discovered the presence of the bedbugs and came in enormous numbers, and Mr. Pergande witnessed the very interesting and pleasing sight of the bedbugs being dismembered or carried away bodily by these very minute ants, many times smaller than the bugs which they were handling so successfully. The result was that in a single day the bedbug nuisance...
Page 224 - Sanmetto has been used by thousands of physicians in old men with irritable bladder and difficult urination, and they have found it a very satisfactory medicine. It is safe and harmless, and by its soothing action on the mucous membrane of the bladder, it relieves the irritation, and adds greatly to the comfort of the patient. It increases the flow of urine, lessens the specific gravity, clears up cloudy urine, and relieves undue acidity. In all these ways it is of great benefit to the patient. In...

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