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mitted to vote

SEC. 65. This act shall be submitted to the electors of Act to be subthis State for their approval or disapproval at the next gen- of electors, eral election. At said election a ballot-box shall be provided when. and kept by the several boards of inspectors thereof for receiving the votes cast for or against this act; and on the ballot shall be written or printed, or partly written and Form of ballots. partly printed, the words "A general banking law-Yes," or,

"A general banking law-No."

SEC. 66. The canvass of the votes cast for or against this canvass of votes. act, and the returns thereof, shall be made by the proper canvassing officers, within the same time, and in the same manner as now provided by law for the canvass and return of the votes cast at the said general election, and the result be declared by the board of canvassers at the same time and manner as the result of the canvass for State officers; and if it shall appear that a majority of the votes cast at such election have thereon "A general banking law-Yes," this act When this act shall become a law, and take effect within sixty days after a law. said general election.

Approved June 21, 1887.

to become

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combining commercial and savings departments, shall keep separate books of account....
capital required to organize ..........


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