The Coward: A Novel of Society and the Field in 1863

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T.B. Peterson, 1864 - 520 pages
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Page 327 - Mont Blanc is the monarch of mountains, They crowned him long ago On a throne of rocks, in a robe of clouds, With a diadem of snow.
Page 18 - Clerk of the District Court of the United States in and for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. TO...
Page 350 - ... mass in front of us. The troopers sat on the ground smoking, till a very distrait bugle-call sent them to their saddles. The ponies bit, kicked, and squealed, and the grotesque and often ineffectual attempts of the men to mount them provoked the laughter of the crowd, as one trooper after another, with one foot in the stirrup and the other on the ground, hopped round at the pleasure of his steed. After all, with the help of their coolies, were mounted, whacks secretly administered by men in the...
Page 508 - Some mishap of his weak, hysterical and short-lived mother, no doubt, had given him one terrible weakness, entirely physical, but which he believed to be mental — he habitually fainted at the sight of blood.
Page 51 - I am a coward ! If I should go into battle I should disgrace myself there forever, by running away at the first fire, and that would break our poor old father's heart...
Page 52 - One moment among the horrible sights of battle — the groans, and shrieks, anfl crashing bullets and spouting blood of carnage — would drive me mad or send me flying away with the curses of my whole race ringing in my ears.
Page 492 - m. She come in early while Mr. Piers was here — but he is gone, 'm, and I think Miss Piers is bad with her head. Leastways, she and Miss Fielden has been upstairs ever since, 'm.' ' Miss Piers has a bad headache ! I am very sorry. Here, Collins, take off my boots, and — oh ! there's a letter for me ! why did you not give it to me at once ?— from the Admiral, too.
Page 354 - Mexico, at what could not have been more than four or five feet from the...
Page 510 - England, in chase' of a criminal who had absconded with a large sum of money...

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