The Supervisor's Manual: Containing the Laws Relating to the Powers and Duties of Supervisors, Both in Their Individual and Collective Capacities : with an Appendix of Forms, Volume 472

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J.D. Parsons, Jr., 1869 - 292 pages
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Page 231 - If any member, in speaking or otherwise, transgress the rules of the House, the Speaker shall, or any member may, call to order; in which case the member so called to order shall immediately sit down, unless permitted to explain; and the...
Page 134 - ... per cent. of its capital, after deducting the assessed value of its real estate, and all shares of stock in other corporations actually owned by such company which are taxable upon their capital stock under the laws of this state, shall be assessed at its actual value and taxed in the same manner as the other real and personal estate of the county.
Page 150 - ... action for all moneys which shall be in his hands after the time the same should have been paid over, with interest thereon at the rate of ten per centum per annum from the time the same should have been paid over. The state board of charities shall give notice to the district attorney of the county of every neglect to make the report required to be made to that board, and every officer or board to whom any such account, statement, report or payment should have been made, shall give notice to...
Page 8 - Comptroller shall take and subscribe the oath of office prescribed by the Constitution and...
Page 218 - Commentaries, page 110, defines a mandamus to be " a command issuing in the king's name from the court of king's bench, and directed to any person, corporation, or inferior court of judicature within the king's dominions, requiring them to do some particular thing therein specified, which appertains to their office and duty, and which the court of king's bench has previously determined, or at least supposes, to be consonant to right and justice.
Page 126 - ... assessed, to the person or persons entitled to receive the same, as personal estate, which it is hereby declared to be for the purpose of taxation under this act, at a principal sum, the interest of which at the legal rate per annum shall produce a sum equal to such annual rents; and in case such rents are payable in any other thing except money, the value of such annual rents in money shall be ascertained by the assessors, and the same shall be assessed in manner aforesaid.
Page 106 - All real and personal estate liable to taxation shall be estimated and assessed by the assessors at its full and true value, as they would appraise the same in payment of a just debt due from a solvent debtor.
Page 23 - It is the duty of every supervisor : 1. To disburse the school moneys in his hands applicable to the payment of teachers' wages, upon and only upon the written orders of a sole trustee or a majority of the trustees, in favor of qualified teachers. But whenever the collector in any school district shall have given bonds for the due and faithful performance of the duties of his office as disbursing...
Page 134 - The stockholders of every bank or banking association organized under the authority of this state, or of the United States, shall be assessed and taxed on the value of their shares of stock therein...
Page 50 - The statements to be made by the inspectors shall contain a caption stating the day on which, and the number of the district, the town or ward, and the county at which the election was held...

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