The Farmer's Magazine 1855

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Page 441 - indeed is the least of all seeds ; but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof.
Page 309 - are amongst ancient, primitive, and heroical works. When the world was young, it begat more children ; but now it is old, it begets fewer ; for I may justly account new plantations to be the children of former kingdoms.
Page 175 - In examining the mummy after it was unwrapped, he found in one of its closed hands a tuberous or bulbous root. He was interested in the question how long vegetable life could last, and he therefore took that tuberous root from the mummy's hand, planted it in a sunny soil, allowed the rains and dews of
Page 325 - to keep the body in health, than an ordinary drink for the quenching of our thirst.” When hops were added, it was called beer by way of distinction ; I suppose, because we imported the custom from the Low Countries, where the word beer was still in use.* Ground ivy (Nepeta
Page 326 - the English bitter beer of the present day its high reputation. It is interesting to observe how men carry with them their early tastes to whatever new climate or region they go. The love of beer and hops has been planted by Englishmen in America. It has accompanied them to their new empires
Page 323 - and west, Is joy to the hop as welcommed ghest; But wind in the north, or else northerly east, To hop is as ill as fray in a feast. Meet plot for a hop-yard once found, as Is told, Make thereof account as of jewel of gold; Now dig it, and leave it the sun for to burne, And afterwards fense it, to serve for that
Page 440 - It is not merely as a relish, therefore, that the wayfaring Spaniard eats his onion with his humble crust of bread, as he sits by the refreshing spring ; it is because experience has long proved that, like the
Page 461 - for the time being, or such other person as may from time to time be in that behalf authorised by the Privy Council, shall cause an advertisement to be inserted in the London Gazette, stating what has been, during seven
Page 79 - Our grateful hearts in sacrifice. Borne on thy breath, the lap of spring Was heaped with many a blooming flower; And smiling summer joyed to bring The sunshine and the gentle shower; And autumn's rich luxuriance now, The ripening seed, the bursting shell, The
Page 327 - The effects which this substance produces are said, by those who have drunk beer drugged with it, to be more upon “ the voluntary muscles than upon the intellectual powers.”* If so, a man under its influence may be surprised by finding his body helpless, while his mind is comparatively clear, and still capable of reasoning and

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