The Prometheus vinctus of Aeschylus, with short notes by N. Pinder

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Page 54 - ... in the morning thou shalt say, Would God it were even! and at even thou shalt say, Would God it were morning! for the fear of thine heart wherewith thou shalt fear, and for the sight of thine eyes which thou shalt see.
Page viii - Prometheus is, as it were, the type of the highest perfection of moral and intellectual nature, impelled by the purest and the truest motives to the best and noblest ends.
Page 11 - Answers to the Arithmetical Exercises in Standards I. II. and III. price 4d. in Standard IV. price 4d. in Standards V. and VI. 4d. or complete, price 1*. 2d. Stevens and Hole's Advanced Lesson Book, 12mo 2*. — Useful Knowledge Reading Books :— Boys
Page 6 - WHITE'S COLLEGE LATIN-ENGLISH DICTIONARY (Intermediate Size), abridged for the use of University Students from the Parent Work (as above). Medium 8vo.
Page 11 - First School-Book to teach Reading and Writing, 18mo 6d. — Second School-Book to teach Spelling and Reading, ISmo 9d. Isbister's First Steps in Reading and Learning, 12mo 1«.
Page 7 - SUBSIDIA PRIMARIA, Part III. Manual of the Rules of Construction in the Latin Compound Sentence ; being a SUPPLEMENT to the Public School Latin Primer.
Page 11 - The School-Books, Atlases, Maps, &c. comprised in this Catalogue may be inspected in the Educational Department of Messrs. LONGMANS and Co. 39 Paternoster How, London, where also all other works published by them may be seen.
Page 6 - Etudent is likely to require it; and, consequently, Dr. WHITE has introduced into the English'Latin portion all English words likely to occur in passages not too difficult for translation by any boys not in the highest forms.' GUARDIAN. 'These two works are excellent — are in fact models of lexicography. With the latter dictionary and a good grammar a boy may make his way through any author of the Golden Age with an ease of which one who pottered over VIRGIL twenty or even ten years ago never dreamt....
Page 8 - Exercise Book to the Public School Latin Primer. By the EDITOR of the Primer.

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