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This compilation is designed to present, in most compact form, the more important laws of California of special interest to women and children. It is now reasonable to suppose that the women of this state will take a greater interest in all the laws on the statute books, since henceforth they will share with the men the responsibility of lawmaking. It is true, however, that there is a comparatively small body of the law which concerns them especially this will be found in the following pages.

The constitution which all voters, male and female, ought to read carefully, might well have been printed herein entire. But as a state edition in pamphlet form has recently been issued by the Secretary of State, from whom a copy may be obtained, reprinting here has not been considered necessary. Of the large number of educational enactments only the fundamental "Act to enforce the educational rights of children" has been given; a compilation of the "School law of California" may be had from the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The extracts in this book are arranged numerically under the codes. The Civil Code contains the law covering the rights and duties of the individual; and the Code of Civil Procedure, the law which shows how those rights may be enforced. The nature of the Penal Code is sufficiently indicated from its title. The Political Code contains that body of the law which defines the rights, powers and duties of the state, its subdivisions, and its officers.

No comments, notes or citations to cases have been given; as all these things may be found in the complete codes of California, copies of which are or ought to be accessible in every public library of any size. The State Library, which contains a very fine law collection, is ready at all times to assist the citizens of the state in their enquiries.


Sacramento, April 13, 1912.

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