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W. D. Ticknor, 1840 - 216 pages

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Page 213 - Whatever weakens your reason, impairs the tenderness of your conscience, obscures your sense of God, or takes off the relish of spiritual things; in short, whatever increases the strength and authority of your body over your mind; that thing is sin to you, however innocent it may be in itself.
Page 57 - ... And though full oft our wandering feet Guilt's thorn-strowed path have trod, Jesus the contrite heart shall meet, And turn it to its God. New glory from this throne of light Shall beam its cheering ray; For oft the deepest shade of night Heralds the brightest day. "LIFE HAS NO CHARM FOR ME." H "AS life no charm for thee ? Are there no visions of the joyous past, Like holy spells around thy pathway cast? Canst thou no blessings see To cheer thee in thy loneliness of heart, And to thy soul their...
Page 143 - O'er whom a father's shield of love was (lung, — Their depth of woe Ilis might alone ean soan ' Whose eye beams love, whose voice " speaks peace " to ma"' Rest theo in peace ! thou tired and trusty friend ! Shall we in hopeless grief around thee bend ? Oft have thy smiles the sorrowing heart made glad, Thy presence cheered the doubting and the sad. In many a heart thy monument is reared, Whose grateful thoughts record thy name revered, Each princely deed though done in secrecy, Shall rise to heaven,...
Page 213 - WHATEVER dims thy sense of truth, Or stains thy purity, Though light as breath of summer air, Count it as sin to thee. 2 Preserve the tablet of thy thoughts From every blemish free, While the Redeemer's lowly faith Its temple makes with thee. 3 And pray of God, that grace be given To tread time's narrow way : — How dark soever it may be, It leads to cloudless day.
Page 212 - THIS day let grateful praise ascend To thee, our Father and our Friend, The"e, Author of this holy light, Thee, throned in boundless power and might. 2 O, let the sacred hours be given To truth, to duty, and to heaven ; While trusting faith and holy love Rise fervent to thy throne above. 3 Grant that our earthly Sabbaths be But dawnings of eternity, To shadow forth the glorious rest. The heavenly quiet, of the blest.
Page 138 - UPON WHOM DOTH NOT HIS LIGHT ARISE V Is there a secret, hidden place, How lone soever it may be, In which Faith's vision may not trace The light of God's divinity ? Thou poor afflicted one ! whose eye, Dim with the frequent-falling tear, Can see no friendly beacon nigh, Thy spirit's struggling grief to cheer, — Lift up thine eye ! a splendor streams All glorious from God's throne of light. Full on the trusting eye it beams, And turns to day grief's darkest night. Thou weary one ! who fain wouldst...
Page 14 - Welcome ! thrice welcome to my love, Sent as an angel from above To cheer my onward path below, And whisper peace mid doubt and wo. TO MY SISTER. 15 I view the gracious blessing near, The cherished hope of many a year. I greet thee, love ! my brother's bride, Dearer to him than aught beside. And...
Page 127 - Kich in its morning dream of bliss, and radiant with truth. Still be in after years as pure the glance of memory As now unto thine ardent gaze hope's visions seems to be ; Still brightly set the star of life, as erst its splendors rose, And fair as morning's dawning light be eventide's sweet close.
Page 198 - ... sheds a glory o'er earth's pilgrim way ! Thanks that the sweet perfume Of nature's radiant bloom Comes yet again new beauty to impart. Thanks that I hear again The soft and soothing strain, Whose heaven-taught harmonies make glad my heart. Yet shall the spirit raise A holier song of praise, Forjgifts more fair are borne upon thy wing, — Breathings of that bright clime Beyond the touch of time, Where blooms and blossoms an eternal Spring. Thy glory droops and dies ; But on its grave there lies...
Page 86 - remember God." To thee the hour will come when earth, though robed Still in its primal blessedness and light, Shall be a darksome blank to thee ; the sun, Dispensing light, and life, and joy around, Shall bring no light to thee, no life, no joy. The stars shall keep their pathway bright on high, Unchanged, unchangeable, until His word, Who woke from night their glowing radiance, TWELFTH CHAPTER OF ECCLESIASTES.

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