New National First[-Fifth] Reader, Book 3

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Page 130 - You're nicer in your own bright gown ; The little children love you; Be the best buttercup you can, And think no flower above you.
Page 141 - And while on her pillow she softly lay She knew nothing more till again it was day: And all things said to the beautiful sun, "Good Morning! Good Morning! our work is begun!
Page 207 - Down and tip, and up and down, Over and over and over; Turn in the little seed, dry and brown, Turn out the bright red clover. "Work, and the sun. your work will share, And the rain in its time will fall; For Nature, she worketh everywhere, And the grace of God through all.
Page 156 - The quail come back to the clover. And the swallow back to the eaves. The robin will wear on his bosom A vest that is bright and new, And the loveliest way-side blossom Will shine with the sun and dew. The leaves to-day are whirling, The brooks are all dry and dumb...
Page 208 - ... done ! Down and up, and up and down, On the hill-top, low in the valley; Turn in the little seed, dry and brown, Turn out the rose and lily. Work with a plan, or without a plan, And your ends they shall be shaped true ; Work, and learn at first hand, like a man, — The best way to know, is to do!
Page 185 - SWIFT we go, o'er the fleecy snow, When moonbeams sparkle round ; When hoofs keep time to music's chime, As merrily on we bound. On a winter's night, when hearts are light, And health is on the wind, We loose the rein and sweep the plain, And leave our cares behind. With a laugh and song, we glide along Across the fleeting snow ; With friends beside, how swift we ride On the beautiful track below ! O!
Page 140 - The horses neighed and the oxen lowed, The sheep's "Bleat! Bleat!" came over the road. All seeming to say, with a quiet delight, "Good little girl, good-night, good-night!
Page 21 - O what a pretty, shining web It was when it was done ! The little flies all came to see It hanging in the sun.
Page 223 - Little by little all tasks are done ; So are the crowns of the faithful won, So is heaven in our hearts begun. With work and with weeping, with laughter and play, Little by little, the longest day And the longest life are passing away — Passing without return, while so The new years come and the old years go. — Selected. !< /"*• IVE me a chance...
Page 36 - TWO little kittens, one stormy night, Began to quarrel and then to fight ; One had a mouse, the other had none, And that was the way the quarrel begun. " I'll have that mouse," said the bigger cat. " You'll have that mouse ? We'll see about that." " I will have that mouse,

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