The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British and Foreign India, China, and Australia

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Parbury, Allen, and Company, 1838

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Page 186 - Oh ! while along the stream of time thy name Expanded flies, and gathers all its fame ; Say, shall my little bark attendant sail, Pursue the triumph, and partake the gale?
Page 145 - As when about the silver moon, when air is free from wind, And stars shine clear, to whose sweet beams, high prospects, and the brows Of all steep hills and pinnacles, thrust up themselves for shows. And even the lowly valleys joy to glitter in their sight, When the unmeasured firmament bursts to disclose her light, And all the signs in heaven are seen, that glad the shepherd's heart...
Page 284 - Looks through the horizontal misty air Shorn of his beams, or from behind the moon In dim eclipse disastrous twilight sheds On half the nations, and with fear of change Perplexes monarchs.
Page 175 - ... of the deceased, be fired from the ramparts of Fort William, and at all the principal stations of the army, as a mark of respect for the memory of his deceased Majesty.
Page 119 - Moonshee saw his danger, called out murder, and attempted to rush through, but was seized and strangled. His wife hearing him, ran out with the infant in her arms, but was seized by Ghubboo Khan, who strangled her and took the infant.
Page 171 - ... every Person or Persons who shall at any time hereafter inhabit or reside within Our said Province, shall be and are hereby declared to be free, and shall not be subject to, or be bound to obey any Laws, Orders, Statutes or Constitutions which have been heretofore made, ordered...
Page 183 - Thus struggling through the dissipated grove, The whirling tempest raves along the plain; And on the cottage thatch'd, or lordly roof, Keen-fastening, shakes them to the solid base. Sleep frighted flies; and round the rocking dome, For entrance eager, howls the savage blast.
Page 183 - Prone to the lowest vale the aerial tribes Descend : the tempest-loving raven scarce Dares wing the dubious dusk. In rueful gaze The cattle stand, and on the scowling heavens Cast a deploring eye, by man forsook ; Who to the crowded cottage hies him fast, Or seeks the shelter of the downward cave.
Page 300 - Truth or ornamented with precious stones. This was in fact a representation of the goddess who was worshipped under the double character of truth and justice, and whose name, Thmei, appears to have been the origin of the Hebrew thummim, a word according to the Septuagint translation, implying truth, and bearing a further analogy in its plural termination.
Page 289 - ... them that, in his opinion, the freedom of resort to India which missionaries then enjoyed, was owing, under God, to the prudence, the zeal and the wisdom which they had manifested, when the whole weight of Government in England and India was directed to the extinction of the missionary enterprize. It would be impossible within the limits to which we must confine ourselves, to enumerate the plans which they formed for the mission, for translations of the Sacred Scriptures, and for education ;...

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