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Page 221 - MD, Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore.
Page 179 - ... that the virus is present, whether there is disease of the udder or not; 3, that there is no ground for the assertion that there must be a lesion of the udder...
Page 282 - In summer, when ready for delivery, the top should be placed on the can, and a cloth wet in cold water should be spread over the can, or refrigerator cans may be used. At no season should the milk be frozen ; but no buyer should receive milk which has a temperature higher than 65° Fah.
Page 7 - ... forthwith give notice thereof, in writing, to the county attorney of the county in which said penalty or forfeiture has occurred, which notice shall state as near as may be, the time of such neglect, the name of the person or persons incurring the penalty or forfeiture, and such other facts relating to the default of duty as said...
Page 238 - ... as also the vessels used in watering and feeding, and his saddle and bit have been three or four times thoroughly washed with a 5 per cent solution of carbolic acid or a 1 to 1,000 solution of corrosive sublimate ; all parts to which...
Page 165 - ... freely when needed. Where many are using the closet, a vault may be dug beneath the seat, and. made water-tight with brick and cement. Into this should be thrown each day a sufficient quantity of this dry earth, and the vault should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a month. The ordinary privy-vault with porous walls is an abomination. It has caused more deaths in this country than war and famine have produced. The liquid poisons from it filter into wells, while its gaseous exhalations float...
Page 282 - F. Milk should not be allowed to stand uncovered, even for a short time, in sleeping or living rooms. In many of the better houses in the country and villages, and occasionally in the cities, the drain from the refrigerator leads into a cesspool or kitchen drain.
Page 7 - In the months of March and October, annually, each and every person who is employed in a paper mill, shall be examined by the local board of health as to whether he or she is successfully and sufficiently protected by vaccination and the local board of health shall in all cases be the judges of the sufficiency of the protection by vaccination.
Page 7 - The owner, agent, and superintendent in every paper mill where rags are used shall every year, in the months of February and September, make out and deliver to the local board of health...
Page 169 - houses, put up by " jerry " builders simply to rent or sell at the highest price, can usually be recognized by careful inspection. Extra ornamentation will generally be observed, but, if a few months have elapsed since its construction, doors will be noticed not to close tightly, the woodwork is shrunken, the window-sashes do not move easily, and too frequently the foundations have settled and the walls cracked. If the house be furnished with any plumbing, this should undergo thorough inspection....

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