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Library *British Museum-Library.


393pt in 115v.F.

Catalogue of Printed Books.
Lond. 1881-1900. British Museum £84.
018.1 qB771

[blocks in formation]

27 parts (A-Hyvernat) now out (May 1903).
Price of complete supplement to be about $55.

France-Bibliothèque nationale. Catalogue général des livres

imprimés. V.I-13,0.

nationale 12.5ofr a vol.

v. 1-13 Auteurs: A-Blanzy.

Par. 1897-1903.

Mass.-State Library. Catalogue.

Mass. State Library.

018.1 F842

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019.1 qM38
Supplement to

Report for 1880-date and Ist-date Annual
the Catalogue. O. Bost. 1881-date.

027.5744 A

*Peabody Institute of the City of Baltimore. Catalogue of the




Balt. 1883-92.

Peabody Institute $37.
Co19.1 qP31

Second Catalogue of the Library, including the additions
made since 1882. v.I-6,Q. Balt. 1896-1902. Peabody

Institute $5 a vol.

v. 1-6 A-R.

Co19.1 qP311

Prussia-Königliche Bibliothek zu Berlin. Verzeichniss der aus
der neu erschienenen Litteratur von der Königlichen Biblio-
thek zu Berlin erworbenen Druckschriften, 1892-date.

date, Q. Ber. 1892-date. Asher 35m.

Annual. 1898-date include the Prussian university libraries.

*U. S.-Congress-Library. Printed Card Catalogue.


018.1 qP95

Includes at present all copyrighted books received by the Library of Congress
since June 1, 1898; current accessions of all classes since Jan. 1, 1901; Ameri-
can history (including British, Central and South America and outlying islands),
bibliography and library science.

State Library has a depository collection.


See also catalogues of medical colleges.

Bibliographia medica, index medicus, recueil mensuel; classe-
ment méthodique de la bibliographie internationale des
sciences médicales.
Par. 1900-date.

Continuation of the first series of the Index medicus.

[blocks in formation]


Dorveaux, Paul. Catalogue des thèses de pharmacie soutenues
en province depuis la création des écoles de pharmacie jusqu'à
nos jours, 1803-1894; suivi d'un appendice au Catalogue des
thèses soutenues devant l'école de pharmacie de Paris. 117p.
O. Par. 1894.
Welter 7.50fr. (Bibliographie des thèses,

no. 3)

016.6154 D731 Catalogue des thèses soutenues devant l'école de pharmacie de Paris, 1815-1889. 74p.O. Par. 1891. Welter 5fr. (Bibliographie des thèses, no. 1) 016.6154 D73 Hirsch, August. Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Ärzte aller Zeiten und Völker. 6v.O. Wien 1884-88. Urban & Schwarzenberg, unbound 58fl 50 kreutzer; bound 67fl 50 kreutzer.

926.1 H613

v. 6, p. 387-1056 supplement. Index medicus; a monthly classified record of the current medical literature of the world, 1879-date. V.I-date, Q. Wash. 1879-date. Carnegie Institution $5. 016.61 qIn2

None published May 1899-Dec. 1902. For this period see Bibliographia medica.

Ser. 1, 21v. 1879-99; ser. 2, v.1-date, 1903-date.
Shelved in medical library.

New York Academy of Medicine-Library. Periodicals, Trans-
actions and Reports in the Library, see under Serials, General,

Polk's Medical Register and Directory of the United States and
Canada, 1886-date.

R. L. Polk & Co. $10.

V.I-date, O.

Detroit 1886-date.

926.1 M46

Published in 1886, 1890, 1893, 1896, 1898, 1900, 1902.
Variations in title. Latest volume on reference shelves.

Royal College of Physicians of London. Roll of the Royal Col-
lege of Physicians; biographical sketches of all the eminent
physicians recorded in the annals, 1518-1825; by William


Ed. 2 enl. 3v.O. Lond. 1878.

lege of Physicians 31/6.

Contents: v. 1 1518-1700

v. 2 1701-1800

v. 3 1801-25

Royal Col

926.1 R811

Stone, Richard French. Biography of Eminent American Physicians and Surgeons. 729p.illus.Q. Indianapolis 1894. Carlon & Hollenbeck subs. $8.

C926.1 qSt7

U. S.-Surgeon General's Office. Index-catalogue of the Library; authors and subjects. 16v.Q. Wash. 1880-95.

Compiled by J: S. Billings.

Shelved in medical library.

016.61 qUn3

Alphabetical List of Abbreviations of Titles of Medi

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