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I am mentioned in this book, under Black Magic. No, it's not from, as you said Bob Larson, web sources, it is a direct quote from my book, which does have an ISBN. OK.
I've been really wanting to
tell you that. Yep, I did buy the book, just to see how far you ran with it, at least you gave me credit as you legally need to.
As far as the book itself, to each his own. But could you please stop spreading and propagating lies?
Oh yes, the piece. It is, I believe, the ENTIRE heading under the word Black magic , first page on the subject, the chapter.
Yes, i just looked it up, that is all from my book, which is of course on my website.
A full paragraph needs proper credit, not as you wrote it, form internet sources.
The small bold part, is yours I suspect, the rest from black...down to knowledge belongs to me, you did not ask permission to use it and you did not even give me credit. Who in the world publishes your books? You can't do that, I'd be strung by the toes in court- I'd be sued.

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If he reviewed Christianity like he did the others, he'd report: Jesus dupped his followers with talk of heaven, but was found partying with Prostitutes and tax collectors. He was obviously anti-social, even mad, throwing over tables in the temple. Good last act however.

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This book should be categorized as fictional. It is full of false information and much of it completely out of context. Most of what is in here about modern religions are mainly subjective viewpoints and not based on truth. Without an objective frame, this book reports as "gossip" would, and cannot be taken as factual. No wonder Christians are having trouble understanding other religions with books like this around. Pass this by, and find a true reference book. 

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rumi whirling

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