The Works of Robert Fergusson

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Page xc - Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.
Page 41 - November chill blaws loud wi' angry sugh; The short'ning winter-day is near a close; The miry beasts retreating frae the pleugh; The black'ning trains o' craws to their repose: The toil-worn Cotter frae his labor goes, This night his weekly moil is at an end. Collects his spades, his mattocks and his hoes, Hoping the morn in ease and rest to spend, And weary, o'er the moor, his course does hameward bend.
Page xciv - No sculptured marble here, nor pompous lay, ' No storied urn nor animated bust ;' This simple stone directs pale Scotia's way To pour her sorrows o'er her poet's dust.
Page 3 - Mark it, Cesario; it is old and plain: The spinsters and the knitters in the sun, And the free maids that weave their thread with bones, Do use to chant it ; it is silly sooth, And dallies with the innocence of love, Like the old age.
Page cxl - It ceased ; yet still the sails made on A pleasant noise till noon, A noise like of a hidden brook In the leafy month of June, That to the sleeping woods all night Singeth a quiet tune.
Page 225 - When you censure the age, Be cautious and sage, Lest the courtiers offended, should be ; If you mention vice or bribe, 'Tis so pat to all the tribe, Each cries — That was levelld at me.
Page cxxxvi - Peace to the husbandman and a' his tribe, Whase care fells a' our wants frae year to year ; Lang may his sock and couter turn the gleyb, And bauks o' corn bend down wi' laded ear. May Scotia's simmers ay look gay and green, Her yellow har'sts frae scowry blasts decreed ; May a
Page cxxxv - Wi' glib notes sane the simmer's green. Sure Nature herried mony a tree, For spraings and bonny spats to thee; Nae mair the rainbow can impart Sic glowing ferlies o' her art, Whase pencil wrought its freaks at will On thee, the sey-piece o
Page cix - Not-payment of the same, and that at Two Terms in the Year, Whitsunday and Martinmas, by equal Portions...
Page 80 - Hyenas in the wild, and mermaids on the shore ; Till, led by thee o'er many a cliff sublime, He found a warmer world, a milder clime, A home to rest, a shelter to defend, Peace and repose, a Briton and a friend...

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