Trust Companies, Volume 10

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Trust Companies Pub. Association, 1910


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Page 229 - The power of creating a corporation is never used for its own sake, but for the purpose of effecting something else. No sufficient reason is therefore perceived why it may not pass as incidental to those powers which are expressly given, if it be a direct mode of executing them.
Page 346 - When the day of maturity falls upon Sunday, or a holiday, the instrument is payable on the next succeeding business day. Instruments falling due on Saturday are to be presented for payment on the next succeeding business day, except that instruments payable on demand may, at the option of the holder, be presented for payment before twelve o'clock noon on Saturday when that entire day is not a holiday.
Page 346 - Every negotiable instrument is payable at the time fixed therein without grace. When the day of maturity falls upon Sunday, or a holiday, the instrument is payable on the next succeeding business day.
Page 14 - The certificate has been transferred to a purchaser for value in good faith without notice of any facts making the transfer wrongful...
Page 346 - ... prior to the passage of this act. SECTION 3. This act shall take effect upon its passage. [Approved February 18, 1909.
Page 229 - On what foundation does this argument rest ? On this alone: The power of creating a corporation is one appertaining to sovereignty, and is not expressly conferred on Congress. This is true. But all legislative powers appertain to sovereignty.
Page 14 - The provisions of this section shall be applicable although the charter or articles of incorporation or code of regulations or bylaws of the corporation issuing the certificate and the certificate itself, provide that the shares represented thereby shall be transferable only on the books of the corporation or shall be registered by a registrar or transfered by a transfer agent.
Page 358 - ... including the shares of the capital stock of, or other interests in, the safe deposit company, trust...
Page 272 - Foreign corporations, and the officers and agents thereof doing business in this state, shall be subjected to all the liabilities, restrictions and duties that are or may be imposed upon corporations of like character organized under the general laws of this state, and shall have no other or greater powers.
Page 186 - Federal farm mortgage corporation bonds owned by any such bank to an amount not exceeding one-third of the required reserve, may be considered as a part of such required reserve...

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