Black's Picturesque Tourist of Scotland

Front Cover
Adam and Charles Black, 1856 - 659 pages

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Page 163 - The western waves of ebbing day Rolled o'er the glen their level way; Each purple peak, each flinty spire, Was bathed in floods of living fire. But not a setting beam could glow Within the dark ravines below, Where twined the path in shadow hid, Round many a rocky pyramid, Shooting abruptly from the dell Its...
Page 571 - Twixt resignation and content. Oft in my mind such thoughts awake By lone Saint Mary's silent lake ; Thou 'know'st it well — nor fen nor sedge Pollute the pure lake's crystal edge ; Abrupt and sheer, the mountains sink At once upon the level brink, And just a trace of silver sand Marks where the water meets the land.
Page 163 - Its thunder-splintered pinnacle; Round many an insulated mass, The native bulwarks of the pass, Huge as the tower which builders vain Presumptuous piled on Shinar's plain. The rocky summits, split and rent, Formed turret, dome, or battlement, Or seemed fantastically set With cupola or minaret, Wild crests as pagod ever decked, Or mosque of eastern architect.
Page 46 - A most refreshing preparation for the complexion, dispelling the cloud of languor and relaxation, allaying all heat and irritability, and immediately affording the pleasing sensation attending restored elasticity and healthful state of the Skin. Freckles, Tan Spots, Pimples, Flushes, and Discoloration fly before its application, and give place to ,a healthy and clear complexion.
Page 168 - I give you shelter in my breast, Your own good blades must win the rest* Pent in this fortress of the North, Think'st thou we will not sally forth, To spoil the spoiler as we may, And from the robber rend the prey ? Ay, by my soul ! — While on yon plain The Saxon rears one shock of grain ; While, of ten thousand herds, there strays But one along yon river's maze, — The Gael, of plain and river heir, Shall, with strong hand, redeem his share. Where live the mountain Chiefs who hold, That plundering...
Page 67 - When a piece of scenery so beautiful, yet so varied, — so exciting by its intricacy, and yet so sublime, — is lighted up by the tints of morning or of evening, and displays all that variety of shadowy depth, exchanged with partial brilliancy, which gives character even to the tamest of landscapes, the effect approaches near to enchantment. This path used to be my favourite evening and morning resort, when engaged with a favourite author, or new subject of study.
Page 384 - Where, through a shapeless breach, his stream resounds As high in air the bursting torrents flow, As deep recoiling surges foam below ; Prone down the rock the whitening sheet descends, And viewless Echo's ear, astonished, rends.
Page 159 - Who shunned to stem the flooded Teith, For twice that day from shore to shore The gallant stag swam stoutly o'er. Few were the stragglers, following far, That reached the lake of Vennachar; And when the Brigg of Turk was won, The headmost horseman rode alone.
Page 554 - On being again and again requested to do so, he always promised compliance — but still remained where he was, striding up and down slowly, and contemplating the sky, which was singularly clear and starry. At last Mrs. Burns found him stretched on a mass of straw, with his eyes fixed on a beautiful planet ' that shone like another moon,' and prevailed on him to come in.
Page 67 - IF I were to choose a spot from which the rising or setting sun could be seen to the greatest possible advantage, it would be that wild path winding around the foot of the high belt of semicircular rocks, called Salisbury Crags, and marking the verge of the steep descent which slopes down into the glen on the south-eastern side of the city of Edinburgh. The prospect, in its general outline, commands a closebuilt, high-piled city...

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