Elementary School Mathematics by Grades: Arithmetic, geometry, and algebra. Seventh book

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Globe School Book Company, 1902 - 176 pages

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Page 6 - The Library Committee shall divide the books and other articles belonging to the Library into three classes, namely, (a) those which are not to be removed from the building; (b) those which may be taken only by written permission of three members of the committee; (c) those which may circulate under the following rules. Members shall be entitled to take from...
Page 6 - ... having them recorded by the Librarian, or Assistant Librarian, and promising to make good any damage they sustain, while in their possession, and to replace the same if lost, or pay a sum fixed by the Library Committee.
Page 6 - No person shall detain any book longer than four weeks from the Library, if notified that the same is wanted by another member, under a penalty of five cents per day, and no volume shall be detained longer than three months at one time under the same penalty. The Librarian shall have power by order of the Library Committee to call in any volume after it has been retained by a member for ten days. On or before...
Page 113 - Sphere is a solid bounded by one continued convex surface, every part of which is equally distant from a point within, called the center. The Diameter of a sphere is a straight line passing through the center and terminated by the surface ; as A B.
Page 89 - Which proves that the square of a number composed of tens and units contains, the square of the tens plus twice the product of the tens by the units, plus the square of the units.
Page 99 - The volumes of two spheres are to each other as the cubes of their radii, or as the cubes of their diameters.
Page 107 - To find the area of a circle, multiply the square of the diameter by .7854.
Page 127 - The Present Worth of a debt, payable at a future time without interest, is such a sum as, being put at legal interest, will amount to the given debt when it becomes due.
Page 6 - ... by the Library Committee. No person shall lend any book belonging to the Institute, excepting to a member, under a penalty of one dollar for every such offence. The Library Committee may allow members to take more than the allotted number of books upon a written application, and may also permit other persons than members to use the Library, under such conditions as they may impose.
Page 96 - The cube of a number composed of tens and units is equal to the cube of the tens, plus three times the square of the tens multiplied by the units, plus three times the tens multiplied by the square of the units, plus the cube of the units.

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