Monthly Notices of Papers and Proceedings and Report

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Royal Society of Tasmania, 1894
Vols.for 1878,1879,1881,1884 contain "List of fellows and members."

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Page 11 - It is a shameful and unblessed thing to take the scum of people and wicked condemned men to be the people with whom you plant; and not only so, but it spoileth the plantation; for they will ever live like rogues, and not fall to work, but be lazy, and do mischief, and spend victuals, and be quickly weary, and then certify over to their country to the discredit of the plantation.
Page 55 - It is natural that what is usually the produce of two days', or two hours' labour, should be worth double of what is usually the produce of one day's, or one hour's labour." * That this is really the foundation of the exchangeable value of all things, excepting those which cannot be increased by human industry, is a doctrine of the utmost importance in political economy; for from no source do so many errors, and so much difference of opinion in that science proceed, as from the vague ideas which...
Page 70 - Croll's hypothesis was founded on variations in the eccentricity of the earth's orbit, combined with the precession of the equinoxes, together with certain physical agencies, such as the deflection of ocean currents, which arise indirectly from these cosmical causes.
Page 55 - That this is really the foundation of the exchangeable 1 [" Wealth of Nations," Bk. 1. v. 12 b.] V> * [Ibid., Bk. 1. v. 13 a.] value of all things, excepting those which cannot be increased by human industry, is a doctrine of the utmost importance in political economy...
Page 9 - ... that there is nothing more certain than death, and nothing more uncertain than the hour of the same, he has therefore resolved to make a solemn testament.
Page 11 - ... exertions of our people could not prevent, was sufficient to fill the stoutest heart, that was not supported by trust in Him who controls all events, with dismay; and I should commit an act of injustice to my companions if I did not express my admiration of their conduct on this trying occasion-, throughout a period of twenty-eight hours, during any one of which there appeared to be very little hope that we should live to see another, the coolness, steady obedience, and untiring exertions of...
Page 11 - We had hoped that, as we drifted deeper into the pack, we should get beyond the reach of the tempest ; but in this we were mistaken. Hour passed away after hour, without the least mitigation of the awful circumstances in which we were placed. Indeed, there seemed to be but little probability of our ships holding together much longer, so frequent and violent were the shocks they sustained. The loud crashing noise of the straining and working of the timbers and decks, as she was driven against some...
Page 17 - Strait, at Graham's Land. The expedition should then proceed to Victoria Land, where a second similar party should winter, probably in Macmurdo Bay, near Mount Erebus. The ships should not become frozen in, nor attempt to winter in the far south, but should return towards the north, conducting observations of various kinds along the outer margins of the ice.
Page 14 - ... surface currents, and these deeper layers of relatively warm water appear likewise to be slowly drawn southwards to the Antarctic area to supply the place of the ice-cold currents of surface water drifted to the north. This warm underlying water is evidently a potent factor in the melting and destruction of the huge table-topped icebergs of the southern hemisphere.
Page 11 - ... the heavy fragments of crushing bergs, over which the ocean rolled its mountainous waves, throwing huge masses one upon another, and then again burying them deep beneath its foaming waters, dashing and grinding them together with fearful violence. The awful grandeur of such a scene can neither be imagined nor described, far less can the feelings of those who witnessed it be understood.

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