Reports, Volume 2

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Page 182 - The wisdom of a learned man cometh by opportunity of leisure: and he that hath little business shall become wise. How can he get wisdom that holdeth the plough, and that glorieth in the goad, that driveth oxen, and is occupied in their labours, and whose talk is of bullocks?
Page 391 - O Woman ! in our hours of ease Uncertain, coy, and hard to please, And variable as the shade By the light quivering aspen made; When pain and anguish wring the brow, A ministering angel thou!
Page 27 - Hence, we must dispense with a surplus of middlemen, not that we are unfriendly to them, but we do not need them. Their surplus and their exactions diminish our profits. We wage no aggressive warfare against any other interests whatever. On the contrary, all our acts and all our efforts, so far as business is concerned, are not only for the benefit of the producer and consumer, but also for all other interests that tend to bring these two parties into speedy and economical contact. Hence we hold...
Page 30 - Last, but not least, we proclaim it among our purposes to inculcate a proper appreciation of the abilities and sphere of woman, as is indicated by admitting her to membership and position in our order.
Page 169 - If a person shall place, leave, or cause to be placed or left in or near a lake, pond, reservoir, or stream tributary thereto, from which the water supply for domestic purposes of a city, town, or village is taken, in whole or in part, any substance or fluid that may cause the water thereof to become impure or unfit for such...
Page 26 - To develop a better and higher manhood and womanhood among ourselves. To enhance the comforts and attractions of our homes, and strengthen our attachments to our pursuits. To foster mutual understanding and cooperation. To maintain inviolate our laws, and to emulate each other in labor, to hasten the good time coming.
Page 188 - He should have the entire control of the medical, moral and dietetic treatment of the patients, the unrestricted power of appointment and discharge of all persons engaged in their care, and should exercise a general supervision and direction of every department of the institution.
Page 28 - We must always bear in mind that no one, by becoming a Patron of Husbandry, gives up that inalienable right and duty which belongs to every American citizen, to take a proper interest in the politics of his country.
Page 142 - There is a large class— I was about to say a majority— of the population of New York and Brooklyn, who just live, and to whom the rearing of two or more children means inevitably a boy for the penitentiary, and a girl for the brothel.
Page 27 - We shall, therefore, advocate for every state the increase in every practicable way of all facilities for transporting cheaply to the seaboard, or between home producers and consumers all the productions of our country. We adopt it as our fixed purpose to "open out the channels in nature's great arteries, that the life-blood of commerce may flow freely.

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