Acts of the General Assembly of the State of New Jersey

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Secretary of State., 1928

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Page 735 - a police or fire department vehicle or motor vehicle inspector from the duty to drive with due regard for the safety of all persons using the highway, nor shall it protect the driver of any such vehicle from the consequences of an arbitrary exercise of such right of way.
Page 791 - Joint Resolution creating a commission consisting of three members of the Senate to be appointed by the President of the Senate, and three members of the House of Assembly to be appointed by the Speaker thereof, who shall constitute a joint commission to inquire into matters relating to the Department of Banking and Insurance.
Page 697 - shall be made with reasonable consideration, among other things, to the character of the district and its peculiar suitability for particular uses, and with a view of conserving the value of property and encouraging the most appropriate use of land throughout such municipality.
Page 504 - designate by resolution nine members, any five of whom shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of the board. If so provided in the certificate of incorporation or by-laws, an executive committee may be from time to time appointed by the
Page 700 - on application on notice to the officer from whom the appeal is taken and on due cause shown. The board of adjustment shall fix a reasonable time for the hearing of the appeal, giving due notice thereof to the appellant. Said appellant shall thereupon at least five days prior to the time appointed for said
Page 283 - be considered to be equal to the loss of one-half of such toe, and compensation shall be for one-half of the period of time above specified. (n) The loss of the first phalange and any portion More than of the second shall be considered as the loss of the en-
Page 66 - shall mean any person who, by reason of a physical defect or infirmity, whether congenital or acquired by accident, injury or disease, is or may be expected to be totally or partially incapacitated for education or for remunerative occupation.
Page 699 - in response to the subpoena of such officer, application may be made to the Supreme Court or any justice thereof, for an order compelling the attendance of such witness. All meetings of the board shall be open to the public. The board shall keep minutes of its pro-
Page 50 - of Hanover, in the county of Morris, contained within the limits hereinafter set forth, are hereby constituted and declared to be a body politic and corporate in fact and in law by the name of "Township of East Hanover," and shall be governed by the general laws of this State relating to townships.
Page 734 - (b) The driver of a vehicle shall not overtake and pass another vehicle proceeding in the same direction upon the crest of a grade or upon a curve in the highway where the driver's view along the highway is obstructed within a distance of five hundred feet.

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