Ophthalmology: Essays, Abstracts and Reviews, Volume 3

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Henry Vanderbilt Würdemann, Nelson Miles Black

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Page 599 - If a physician operate on a man for a severe wound with a bronze lancet and cause the man's death, or open an abscess (in the eye) of a man and destroy the man's eye, they shall cut off his fingers.
Page 26 - In 1882, the Pennsylvania Home Teaching Society and Free Circulating Library for the Blind was founded in Philadelphia and in 1899 was incorporated with the Free Library of Philadelphia.
Page 564 - THE STUDENT'S MEDICAL DICTIONARY. INCLUDING ALL THE WORDS AND PHRASES GENERALLY USED IN MEDICINE, WITH THEIR PROPER PRONUNCIATION AND DEFINITIONS, BASED ON RECENT MEDICAL LITERATURE. With Tables of the Bacilli, Micrococci, Leukomains, Ptomains, etc., of the Arteries, Muscles, Nerves, Ganglia, and Plexuses; Mineral Springs of the US, etc.
Page 368 - All the terms used in Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Chemistry and kindred branches; with over 100 new tables. By WA Newman Dorland, MD Fourth Revised Edition. Octavo of 836 pages, with 293 illustrations, 119 of them in colors.
Page 558 - ... a brief statement of such defect or disease, and shall make a written report of all such examinations to the Superintendent of Education as he may require. SECTION 2. The State Auditor is hereby directed to draw his order on the State Treasurer for such sums and at such times as the Superintendent of Education, with the approval of the State Board of Health, may require to carry out the provisions of this act. The total expense under this act shall not exceed Six Hundred ($600) Dollars in any...
Page 116 - I found dionin the most powerful agent, next to it holocain, and a long way inferior to both cocain. The dionin drops or ointment may be used freely every two, four, six, or eight hours, according to the severity of the pain and the effect produced. It is an agent which can do no harm and hence its great value.
Page 2 - ... just above the upper lip of the wound. I press the strabismus hook down neither toward the wound nor from it, and do not alter its position until the lens is nearly out, all the time making slow, steady and uninterrupted pressure and counterpressure.
Page 242 - ... the wound. The broad hold so secured will often succeed in drawing out the whole of it with its contained lens matter." " When the lens is halfway out . . . a clear point of vitreous will occasionally appear in the wound behind the lens. . . . The spoon in the left hand . . . should be pushed beneath the lens through the clear point and the lens suspended on it. Once the lens is supported on the spoon the strabismus hook can be used as before to drive out the lens, the spoon merely coming with...
Page 322 - As argyrol and collargol arc not bactericidal, it is evident that the amount of silver which a compound may contain is no criterion of its bactericidal power. Moreover, in view of the results obtained with argyrol, it seems impossible to attribute the good effects which many clinicians have obtained with it to its bactericidal action.
Page 460 - ... pathognomonic signs include changes in the size and breadth of the retinal arteries, of such character that a beaded appearance is produced, distinct loss of translucency ; decided lesions in the arterial walls, consisting of white stripes in the form of perivasculitis ; alternate contractions and...

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