Beginning again, a continuation of Work, Volume 11

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Page 51 - O rival of the rose! I never thought to ask, I never knew; But in my simple ignorance suppose The self-same Power that brought me there brought you.
Page 15 - TO VIOLETS WELCOME, maids of honour, You do bring In the Spring ; And wait upon her. She has virgins many, Fresh and fair ; Yet you are More sweet than any.
Page 128 - brother of girls,' to whom God has given a clean heart to love all women as his sisters, and strength and courage to fight for their protection.
Page 224 - Me too!" cried little Ruth, and spread her chubby hand above the rest: a hopeful omen, seeming to promise that the coming generation of women will not only receive but deserve their liberty, by learning that the greatest of God's gifts to us is the privilege of sharing His great work.
Page 36 - How ?" asked Mr. Power, interested in these little revelations. "Well, he won't be ambitious. I try to stir him up, for he has talents ; I 've found that out : but he won't seem to care for any thing but watching over his mother, reading his old books, and making flowers bloom double when they ought to be single.
Page 45 - Far away there in the Sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.
Page 201 - The old lady has to have some on't, don't she?" "She has a little money of her own; but I see that she and Letty have two-thirds of all I make." "That ain'ta fair bargain if you do all the work." "Ah, but we don't make bargains, sir: we work for one another and share every thing together." "So like women!" grumbled Uncle Enos, longing to see that "the property was fixed up square.
Page 72 - Things were in this prosperous, not to say paradisiacal, state, when one member of the family began to make discoveries of an alarming nature. The first was that the Sunday pilgrimages to church were seasons of great refreshment to soul and body when David went also, and utter failures if he did not. Next, that the restless ambitions of all sorts were quite gone; for now Christie's mission seemed to be sitting in a quiet corner and making shirts in the most exquisite manner, while thinking about...
Page 31 - Happy the foot-sore, heart-weary traveller who turns from the crowded, dusty highway down the green lane that leads to these humble inns, where the sign of the Good Samaritan is written on the face of whomsoever opens to the stranger, and refreshment for soul and body is freely given in the name of Him who loved the poor.

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