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use you transmute sadness into mirth, trouble into ballast, pain into joy.

¶ Do you say that religion is still needed?

Then I answer that Work, Study, Health and Love constitute religion. Moreover, any religion that leaves any of these out is not religion, but fetish.

¶Yet most formal religions have pronounced the love of man for woman and woman for man an evil thing. ¶ They have proclaimed labor a curse.

¶ They have said that sickness was sent from God; and they have whipped and scorned the human body as something despicable, and thus have placed a handicap on health, and made the doctor a necessity.

¶ And they have said that mental attainment was a vain and frivolous thing, and that our reason was a lure to lead us on to the eternal loss of our soul's salvation ☛☛ ¶ Now, we deny it all, and again proclaim that these will bring you all the good there is: Health, Work, Study— Love! 0 0

Work means safety for yourself and service to mankind. Health means much happiness and potential power. Study means knowledge, equanimity and the evolving mind. Love means all the rest!

But Love must be a matter of reciprocity, not a onesided affair. “I love you because you love the things that I love."

A man who marries a woman in order to educate her falls a victim to the same fallacy that a woman does who marries a man expecting to reform him.

¶ If you marry a woman who is not on your mental wire, you'll either go down to her level or you will live in a

water-tight compartment and go to purgatory through mental asphyxiation.

¶ Choose this day the habits you would have rule you.

¶ Man is a creating animal, and the natural desire of the child to "make things" should never be discouraged.

¶ Civilization is the expeditious way of doing things.

The divine in Man is the only hint we get in life that there is anything divine in the universe.

¶ Men who fight with folks of little worth win nothing.

Any man who has a job has a chance!

The truth is that in human service there is no low or high degree: the woman who scrubs is as worthy of respect as the man who preaches.

¶ Friendships, for the most part are real, substantial and lasting. They are built on positive qualities, while enmities are a vapor that only awaits the sunshine, to be dissipated into nothingness.

¶ The folks who do big things are not in bondage to their bodies

¶ Every duty well done makes the next duty easier to do.

¶ If you don't know what to do, suppose you don't ›☛☛

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THINK I know what life is for, although I'm not quite

sure. I think love is given us so we can see a soul. And this soul we see is the highest conception of excellence and truth we can bring forth. This soul is our reflected self. And from seeing what one soul is, we imagine what all souls may be and thus we reach God, who is the Universal Soul.

¶ Falling in love is the beginning of all wisdom, all sympathy, all compassion, all art, all religion; and in its larger sense is the one thing in life worth doing.

¶Thought of getting safely out of the world has no part in the life of the Enlightened Man-to live fully while he is here is his problem-one world at a time is enough for him.

¶ If college education were made compulsory by the State, and one-half of the curriculum consisted of actual, useful, manual labor, most of our social ills would be solved and we would be well on the highway toward the Ideal City.

¶ We can do without being loved, but we can not afford. to live without love.

¶ A man's theories are apt to smile sadly at his practice, over the gaping gulf that separates the ideal from the real.

A seer is the scout of civilization.

Recipe for success: Subdue yourself-devote yourself.


[OST of the work of doctors in the past has been to prescribe for symptoms, the difference between actual disease and a symptom being something that the average man does not yet even know.

¶ And the curious point is that on these points all physicians, among themselves, are fully agreed, what I say here being merely truism, triteness and commonplace. ¶ Last week, in talking with an eminent surgeon, he said: "I have performed over a thousand operations of laparotomy, and my records show that in every instance, except the cases of habit, the individual was given to what you call the 'Beecham habit'."

The people you see waiting in the lobbies of doctors' offices are, in a vast majority of cases, suffering through poisoning caused by an excess of food. Coupled with this goes the bad results of imperfect breathing, irregular sleep, lack of exercise and improper use of stimulants, or the thought of fear, jealousy and hate.

¶ All these things, or any one of them, will, in very many persons, cause fever, chills, cold feet, congestion and faulty elimination IO

¶To administer drugs to a man suffering from malnutrition caused by a desire to "get even," and a lack of fresh air, is simply to compound his troubles, shuffle his maladies and get him ripe for the ether cone and the scalpel s

¶ Nature is forever trying to keep people well, and most so called "disease" (which word means merely lack of ease) is self-limiting, and tends to cure itself.

If you have appetite, do not eat too much. ¶ If you have no appetite, do not eat at all.

¶ Be moderate in the use of all things, save fresh air and sunshine

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¶ The one theme of Ecclesiastes is moderation.

¶ Buddha wrote it down that the greatest word in any language is "equanimity."

¶ William Morris said the the finest blessing of life was systematic, useful work.

Saint Paul declared that the greatest thing in life was love

¶ Moderation, equanimity, work and love—you need no other physician.

¶ In so stating I lay down a proposition agreed to by all physicians; which was expressed by Hippocrates, the father of all medicine, and then repeated in better phrase by Epictetus, the slave, to his pupil, the great Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, and which has been known to every thinking man and woman since: Moderation, Equanimity, Work and Love!

¶ A thought is mental dynamite.

¶ To benefit others you must be reasonably happy: there must be animation through useful activity, good cheer, kindness and health-health of mind and health of body.

¶ To succeed you must get out of your groove and change safety for experience. And anyway, does n't stability lie in motion?

¶ To eliminate the needless and keep the good is the problem of progress.

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