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No. 9556.


PHILIP LEVINE, President; THOMAS L. COLLINS, Vice President; CLARENCE E. KEARNS, Cashier; J. H. ANDERSON, Assistant Cashier. DIRECTORS.-E. N. Breitung, John P. Miller, Philip Levine, Thos. L. Collins, Nelson J. Robbins, Clarence E. Kearns, Albert Sawbridge, John Williamson, Thomas J. Nicholas.

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A. E. ASP, President; WILLIAM BOND, Vice President; D. A. STEWART, Cashier; V. S. NYSTROM, Assistant Cashier. DIRECTORS.-E. A. Hellberg, G. A. Blesch, William Bond, D. A. Stewart, John Eve, A. E. Asp, John E. Anderson. Statement September 15, 1922.

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ANDREW HALTER, President; C. F. EICHEN, Vice President; B. F. BARZE, Cashier. DIRECTORS.--Andrew Halter, C. F. Eichen, R. J. Kneebone, Edward Rousseau, R. E. Anderson, C. D. Riley, O. J. Lucas.

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E. F. PARKS, President; T. J. CAVANAUGH, Vice President; W. H. LONGWELL, Cashier; G. F. WARNER, HOWARD PARKS, Assistant Cashiers. DIRECTORS.-E. F. Parks, T. J. Cavanaugh, W. H. Longwell, J. C. Maxwell, E. H. Davis.

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No. 5607.


CHALMERS CURTIS, President; MORGAN CURTIS, Vice President; F. C. KRUSELL, Cashier;
W. B. LAWTON, JEAN A. MURPHY, Assistant Cashiers.
DIRECTORS.-Guy R. Hankey, Morgan Curtis, Chalmers Curtis, Heber W. Curtis,
Margaret H. Curtis.

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H. M. ZIMMERMAN, President; FRED M. WARNER, Vice President; JOSEPH E. HORAK, Cashier; GEORGE A. BROWN, R. R. ANGLEMIER, J. BRADFORD SMITH, Assistant Cashiers. DIRECTORS.-H. M. Zimmerman, Fred M. Warner, Joseph E. Horak. George A. Brown, Clinton McGee, Edgar H. Tinsman, Luther D. Allen, Harry M. Crawford, Harry M. Pyrale, George A. Rice.

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*The National Bank of Pontiac consolidated with the American National Bank of Pontiac

No. 4446.


GUSTAVE HILL, President; F. E. BEARD, Vice President; D. D. BROWN, Cashier;
A. C. LASSEN, Assistant Cashier.

DIRECTORS.-W. L. Jenks, F. J. Dixon, F. E. Beard, Henry McMorran, David MacTaggart,
H. L. Stevens, Gustave Hill, Wm. J. Willson, A. R. Ballentine, E. A. Haynes, J. E. Miller.
Statement September 15, 1922.

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Upon January 15, 1923, the title of this bank was changed from The First National Exchange Bank of Port Huron to the First National Bank in Port Huron.

Other liabilities....

Total liabilities...

No. 2550.


WILLIAM H. LOCKERBY, President; H. A. GRAVES, Vice President; R. S. ANDRUS, Cashier;
JENNIE L. BABCOCK, Assistant Cashier.
DIRECTORS.-E. B. Church, H. A. Graves, William H. Lockerby, F. E. Marsh, Geo. W. Sears,
R. S. Andrus, J. H. Kaiser, S. W. Boynton, Frank Parkinson.

[blocks in formation]

No. 4413.


J. W. PARKHURST, President; J. R. PARKHURST, Vice President; L. G. HAMMOND, Cashier. DIRECTORS.-J. W. Parkhurst, L. G. Hammond, J. L. Rayfuse, A. J. Auer, H. K. Smith, Mary W. Parkhurst, John Schmidt, J. C. Holden, J. R. Parkhurst, T. R. Welsh, Lou B. Winsor.

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C. E. GREENE, President; JUDSON BLACK, Vice President; ALBERT F. LINDKE, Cashier. DIRECTORS.-C. E. Greene, Judson Black, Albert F. Lindke, Warren S. Stone, A. T. Donaldson, C. S. Miller, John T. Adams, Chas. B. Lutes. Statement September 15, 1922.

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