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Violation of recogni


Penalty for unlicensed ferrying.

state, in open court, in the sum of one hundred dollars, faithfully to keep and attend the ferry, with such and so many sufficient and safe boats, so many men to work the same, together with sufficient implements, and during such hours in each day, and at such rates as the court, from time to time, orders, which recognizance shall forthwith be filed with the clerk of the county.

1 R. S., 1056, § 4.

§ 660. The violation of the condition of any such recognizance is a misdemeanor, punishable with such fine as the court may adjudge, not exceeding twenty-five dollars for each offense. On proof of such conviction the county court shall direct the recognizance to be estreated for the use of the people.

Ib., § 7.

§ 661. Any person who, except in the counties of Essex, Clinton, Orange, Rockland, Westchester, Suffolk, Richmond and Queens, maintains any ferry for profit or hire on any river, stream or lake, without authority of law, is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable with the like fine for each offense. For an offense on waters dividing two counties, the offender may be prosecuted in each, but the fine in such case shall not exceed twelve dollars and fifty cents in each county.

Ib., §§ 8, 9.

rights not affected.

§ 662. The foregoing provisions respecting ferries Vested do not affect any grants or charters heretofore made. by the state, or any rights already vested.

1 R. S., 1057, § 10.

663. The establishment of ferries on the River St. Lawrence from the towns of Morristown' and Hammond,' and on the River Hudson between the city of Troy and West Troy' are regulated by special statutes.

1 Laws of 1851, ch. 240, S. S.; 1 R. S., 1059, §§ 22, 26.

Laws of 1853, ch. 555.
Laws of 1854, ch. 226.

Ferries on

the Rivers, St. Law

rence and



§ 664. Other provisions applicable to the conduct other proof ferries are contained in article I of chapter I of this title, entitled "Navigation."



SECTION 665. Law of the highway.

666. Driver addicted to intoxication.

667. Notice to employer, of driver's intoxication.

668. Horses to be fastened while standing.

669. Horses not to be run.

670. Penalties, how recovered.

671. Liability of owner for damage done by driver.

672. Saving clause as to city ordinances.

673. Telegraph lines may be erected.

674. Protection of bridges.

675. Canal and railway companies to furnish maps.


§ 665. When vehicles meet, it is the duty of the Law of the drivers of each to turn seasonably to the right of the center of the highway, so as to pass without interference, under the penalty of five dollars for every neglect, to be recovered by the party


addicted to intoxication

Notice to

employer of


injured. Where the whole breadth of a roadway
is not worked, the center of the worked part is to
be deemed the center of the highway. In time of
snow, where there is a beaten track, the center of
that is to be deemed the center of the highway.
But this section does not apply to vehicles meeting
cars running on rails or grooved tracks.

From 2 R. S., 104, § 1; 12 Barb., 613; 7 Wend., 185; 15
N. Y. R., 380.

§ 666. No person shall employ, to drive any vehicle for the conveyance of passengers upon any public highway, a person addicted to drunkenness, under penalty of five dollars for every day such person shall have been in his employment. 2 R. S., 104, § 2.

§ 667. If any driver, whilst actually employed tortion in driving any such vehicle, is intoxicated to such a degree as to endanger the safety of his passengers, the owner, on receiving from any such passenger a written notice of the fact, verified by his oath, shall forthwith discharge such driver; and if he has such driver in his service within six months after such notice he incurs the like penalty.

Horses to be fastened

while standing

Ib., § 3.

§ 668. The driver of any vehicle, used to convey passengers, shall not leave the horses attached thereto, while passengers remain in the same, without first securely fastening the horses or placing the lines in the hands of some other person, so

as to prevent their running; under penalty of twenty dollars for each offense.

2 R. S., 105, § 5.

to be run.

§ 669. Every person driving any vehicle upon Horses not any road, with or without passengers, and permitting his horses to run upon any occasion whatever, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Ib., § 4.

how recov ered.

§ 670. The penalties provided by the three Pena'ties, preceding sections are to be recovered by the district attorney of the county in which the offender resides, for the use of the poor. The court may allow a portion, not exceeding twenty-five dollars, of any recovered under section 666 or 667, to be retained by the district attorney, in addition to his costs. But any action for a penalty incurred under section 668 must be commenced within six months.

Ib., 104, §§ 2, 3, 5.


§ 671. The owners of every vehicle, running or traveling upon any road for the conveyance passengers, are liable, jointly and severally, for all damages to person or property done by any person in their employment as a driver, while driving such vehicle, whether done willfully or negligently or otherwise, in the same manner as such driver would be liable.

Ib., 105, § 6.

Liability of

owner for damage

done by


clause as to

§ 672. Nothing contained in the seven preceding Saving sections shall affect any law concerning hackney



coaches or carriages in any city, nor affect laws or ordinances of any city for the licensing or regulating such coaches or carriages.

2 R. S., 105, § 8.

§ 673. Incorporated telegraph companies, may be erected. construct their lines on any of the public ways and

lines may

Protection of bridges.

Canal and railway companies to furnish

maps, &c.

across any of the public waters of this state, in such manner as not to incommode the public use of such ways. But this is not to be construed to impair private rights, nor to authorize the construction of any bridge or similar erection.

Ib., 98, § 42; 1276, § 5.

§ 674. The owner of any toll-bridge, and any plankroad company owning a bridge of not less than twenty-five feet span, may put up, conspicuously, at each end of it, notice in these words, in large characters: "One dollar fine for riding or driving on this bridge faster than a walk;" and whoever rides or drives faster than a walk on such bridge shall forfeit to the owner the sum of one dollar.

1 R. S., 1053, § 145; Laws of 1854, ch. 87, § 5.

§ 675. Every canal company and railway company in this state, which asks the aid of the state, shall, so far as may be in their power without making a new survey, furnish to the state engineer and surveyor copies of all maps, plans, drawings, levels and surveys of every description which may be made in connection with the construction of their canal or railway.

Ib., 401, 9.

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