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Certain vil. lages may adopt pro

visions of this title.

time of the meeting, cease as a corporate body, and within that period the trustees shall call a meeting at which the electors may direct the disposition of the property, if any remain after discharging the village liabilities, or, if there is a deficiency, may raise by tax any sum necessary to discharge such liabilities. At the expiration of that period all books and papers of the village shall be deposited with the clerk of a town in which the village or a part of it was; and the supervisor of the town or supervisors of the towns in which the village was, become trustees of its remaining property.

1 R. S., 1244, §§ 95, 96.

§ 1074. The electors of any village incorporated before the 7th day of December, 1847, may, at any annual meeting for election of officers, declare by resolution that any specified sections of this title shall apply to such village, and twenty days after the passage of such resolution the sections specified shall take effect respecting such village, and operate to repeal, as to such village, all laws inconsistent with such sections. Every such resolution shall, within ten days, be published by the trustees in a newspaper printed in the village, or, if there is none, then in the one printed nearest thereto.

Ib., 97, 98.



ARTICLE I. Election and qualification of officers.

II. The board of trustees.

III. Other officers.



SECTION 1075. Officers enumerated.

1076. Time of elections.

1077. Conduct of elections.

1078. Tie vote to be determined by lot.

1079. Provisions peculiar to first election.
1080. Vacancies.

1081. Resignations.

1082. Oath of office.

1083. Certain officers to give security.


§ 1075. The officers of a village are five trustees, omcers one of whom is president, three assessors, a collector, a treasurer, a clerk, three street commissioners when the village is not a separate road district, such number of fire-wardens, not exceeding five, as the trustees from time to time fix by ordinance, and a pound-master. Each holds office for one year, beginning on the third Tuesday of March after the election; except that the officers first elected on the formation of a village hold office only till the third Tuesday of March following their election.

1 R. S., 1244, §§ 23, 25.


§ 1076. The election of officers shall be held on Time of the first Tuesday of March in each year, unless a town meeting of the town is held on that day, in

Conduct of


Tie vote to be determined by lot.


peculiar to the first election.

which case the village meeting shall be upon the Wednesday following the first Tuesday.

1 R. S., 1244, Ib., § 24.

§ 1077. The trustees shall give three weeks' previous notice of every election, specifying the time of opening and closing the polls. The notice. shall, for three successive weeks, be published at least once in each week in a newspaper printed in · the village, or if there is none, then posted in at least ten of the most public places therein. The poll shall be open at least three hours, between ten o'clock in the forenoon and four o'clock in the afternoon. The trustees shall preside at the meeting and certify the result of the election, which certificate shall be recorded in the village records. The provisions of law relative to the conduct of elections of town officers, the announcement of the result, and the notice to the officers chosen, apply to the election of village officers so far as the same are applicable.

Ib., § 17 to 22.

§ 1078. If two or more have the greatest and an equal number of votes for one office, the trustees shall determine by lot which shall be deemed elected, and set forth that fact in their certificate. Ib., § 21.

§ 1079. At the first election for officers in a new village, the inspectors, mentioned in the preceding chapter, shall perform the duties which, by the

two preceding sections, are thereafter devolved upon the trustees and clerk.

1 R. S., 1244, §§ 17 to 22.

§ 1080. Whenever the offices of more than two Vacancies. of the trustees are vacated, the remaining trustee or trustees shall call a village meeting to fill, for the unexpired term, such vacancies and any other existing vacancies specified in the notice of the meeting. If there is only one trustee, one or more of the assessors shall be associated with him to preside.

Ib., § 27.


§ 1081. Resignations shall not take effect until to filed, in writing, with the clerk of the village.

Ib., § 25, last clause.


§ 1082. Every officer shall take, before any Oath of justice of the peace of the county, and file with the clerk of the village, the oath of office, as required in section 210 of this Code, within ten days after notice of his being chosen; and a neglect to do so vacates the office.

Ib., § 26; Laws of 1857, ch. 552.

cers to give

§ 1083. The collector, before he receives any Certain off. warrant to collect, and the treasurer, before he security. enters on office, shall respectively execute to the village a bond, in an amount to be fixed by the trustees, with sufficient sureties, approved by the trustees by an indorsement thereon, conditioned

for the faithful performance of his official duties.
A neglect so to do, within three days after notice
from the president to do so, vacates the office.
1 R. S., 1244, §§ 66, 69.

[blocks in formation]

1. To hold all their meetings open to the pub


2. To appoint, from time to time, one of their number president of the village, who shall preside at the meetings of the trustees; and to appoint, also, one to preside at any meeting when he shall be absent;

3. To appoint a person to keep a poll list at any meeting of the village, when a poll list is required and the clerk shall not attend;

4. To fill a vacancy in any village office, except that of trustee, by appointment for the unexpired


5. To provide for the custody and preservation of the property and records of the village;

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