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of Milwaukee and the villages of Cudahy, South Milwaukee and Wauwatosa, and the towns of Lake, Oak Creek, Franklin, Greenfield and Wauwatosa shall constitute the seventh senatorial district.

8. The Fifth, Eighth, Eleventh and Twelfth wards of the city of Milwaukee shall constitute the eighth senatorial district.

9. The counties of Adams, Marquette, Waushara and Wood shall constitute the ninth senatorial district.

10. The counties of Pierce and St. Croix shall constitute the tenth senatorial district.

11. The counties of Burnett, Douglas and Polk shall constitute the eleventh senatorial district.

12. The counties of Ashland, Barron, Bayfield, Iron, Sawyer and Washburn shall constitute the twelfth senatorial district.

13. The county of Dodge shall constitute the thir teenth senatorial district.

14. The counties of Outagamie and Shawano shall constitute the fourteenth senatorial district.

15. The counties of Calumet and Manitowoc shall constitute the fifteenth senatorial district.

16. The counties of Grant and Iowa shall constitute the sixteenth senatorial district.

17. The counties of Green and Lafayette, and the towns of Avon, Beloit, Clinton, Newark, Plymouth, Spring Valley, Turtle, and the village of Clinton and the city of Beloit, in the county of Rock, shall constitute the seventeenth senatorial district.

18. The counties of Fond du Lac and Green Lake shall constitute the eighteenth senatorial district.

19. The county of Winnebago shall constitute the nineteenth senatorial district.

20. The counties of Ozaukee and Sheboygan shall constitute the twentieth senatorial district.

21. The counties of Portage and Waupaca shall constitute the twenty-first senatorial district.

22. The towns of Bradford, Center, Fulton, Harmony, Janesville, Johnstown, Lima, La Prairie, Magnolia, Milton, Porter, Rock and Union, and the village of Evansville, and the cities of Edgerton and Janesville, in the county of Rock, and the towns of Aztalan, Jefferson, Koshkonong, Lake Mills, Milford, Oakland, Sumner,

Waterloo and the villages of Lake Mills and Waterloo, and the cities of Fort Atkinson and Jefferson, in the county of Jefferson, shall constitute the twenty-second senatorial district.

23. The county of Walworth and the towns of Cold Springs, Concord, Farmington, Hebron, Ixonia, Palmyra, Sullivan and Watertown, and the village of Palmyra, and the First, Second, Third, Fourth and Seventh wards of the city of Watertown, in the county of Jefferson, shall constitute the twenty-third senatorial district.

24. The counties of Buffalo, Eau Claire and Pepin shall constitute the twenty-fourth senatorial district.

25. The counties of Clark and Marathon shall constitute the twenty-fifth senatorial district.

26. The county of Dane shall constitute the twentysixth senatorial district.

27. The counties of Columbia and Sauk shall constitute the twenty-seventh senatorial district.

28. The counties of Crawford, Richland and Vernon shall constitute the twenty-eighth senatorial district. 29. The counties of Chippewa and Dunn shall constitute the twenty-ninth senatorial district.

30. The counties of Florence, Forest, Langlade, Lincoln, Oneida, Price, Taylor and Vilas shall constitute the thirtieth senatorial district.

31. The counties of Jackson, Juneau and Monroe shall constitute the thirty-first senatorial district.

32. The counties of La Crosse and Trempealeau shall constitute the thirty-second senatorial district.

33. The counties of Washington and Waukesha shall constitute the thirty-third senatorial district.

SECTION 3. Every incorporated village, whether mentioned in this act or not, that is not entirely separate from any town for the purposes of assessment and taxation, shall be considered as a portion of the town of which it forms a part. Every incorporated village that is entirely separate from any town, and any town or ward that may have been omitted in this act, shall form a part of the assembly district in which it is situated, if it shall be entirely surrounded by territory forming such district, and also be a part of the same senatorial district as such assembly district. If, however, any such incorporated village, town or ward that may have been omitted

in this act, shall join two assembly districts in the same county, it shall form a part of the assembly district which it may adjoin having the smallest population, and also be a part of the senatorial district of which such assembly district forms a part.

SECTION 4. This act shall be published in the official state paper, and be in force from and after its passage, and publication, and no other publication shall be required. Such act shall also be included in the volume of laws that may be passed by the legislature at its session in 1897, and no other publication in a volume shall be required. The journals of the proceedings of the senate and assembly of the present session of the legislature shall also be included in the printed volumes of the legislature of 1897, and no printing of such proceedings in a separate volume shall be required.

Approved February 28, 1896.


State of Wisconsin,

Department of State.

I, Henry Casson, secretary of state, of the state of Wisconsin, do hereby certify that the foregoing copy of Chapter 1, passed at the special session of the legislature, February, 1896, and which is hereby bound with the laws of 1897, as an appendix thereto, in compliance with the provisions of section 4, of said chapter, and of Joint Resolution No. 1, A., passed at said special session, has been compared by me with the original enrolled act, deposited in this office, and that it appears correctly printed.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the lesser seal of the state, at the capitol in the city of Madison, this 3rd day of September, A. D. 1897.

[L. S.]



Secretary of State.



State of Wisconsin, Department of State--ss.

I, Henry Casson, do hereby certify that the following amendment of Section 7, of article 7, of the constitution of the state of Wisconsin, was approved, ratified and adopted at the judicial election, held on April 6, 1897:

SECTION 7. For each circuit there shall be chosen by the qualified electors thereof, one circuit judge, except that in any circuit composed of one county only, which county shall contain a population according to the last state or United States census, of one hundred thousand inhabitants or over, the legislature may, from time to time, authorize additional circuit judges to be chosen. Every circuit judge shall reside in the circuit from which he is elected, and shall hold his office for such term and receive such compensation as the legislature shall prescribe.

Given under my hand and official seal, at the capitol in [L. S.] the city of Madison, this 8th day of May, A. D. 1897.

Secretary of State.

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